Pakistani cuisine in London is one of the most delicious subcontinental cuisines and is traditional and with a wide variety of delicious and unique food items. Pakistani Halal food is trendy throughout all Muslim communities in the UK. 

We have revived traditional Pakistani wedding food in London while maintaining that each ingredient is traditional. Our goal is to hand over the best Pakistani catering services for organizing Asian weddings, corporate events, birthday and fundraising events.

We provide unusual and specific chefs who are experts in Indian and Pakistani Halal food for weddings. But for parties, we also have other experts who provide the high-quality service you are entitled to.

Gourmet Canapes (Non Vegetarian)

Gourmet Canapes (Vegetarian)

Non Veg Canapes

Veg Canapes

Starters (Non Vegetarian)

Starters (Vegetarian)

Main Course (Non Vegetarian)

Main Course (Vegetarian)







Stands & Stations

Amuse Bouche

Afternoon Tea

Optional Extras