My position as a wedding, event planner and caterer is to guide and support you from the moment you decide to embark on that journey, all the way to that magical day, ensuring your wedding, reception party, celebration or brand event is injected with a flair and dreams that is YOU.

If you are having an intimate nikaah ceremony, mandap ceremony or reception event surrounded by natural beauty and effortless sophistication, if this is what you’re looking for, we need to meet.

So Lovely To Meet You!

I’m Reiss Chaudhry, international wedding & event planner and caterer with a passion for intimately inspired events. I help clients like you, passionate brides, grooms and authentic brands, to plan your perfect wedding or event, in the most breathtaking settings and destinations.

For 30 years I planned wedding and corporate events for clients, but the truth is, as much as I loved my job, I felt that I was losing touch with my roots. As that feeling of emptiness became stronger and stronger, I realised I had to follow my heart and channel all my energy and skills into something that would fill my life with joy and creativity. That’s how my path into weddings, catering and event planning started.

My work has been featured on international blogs and magazines, but the only recognition that truly matters is when a bride sheds a tear of appreciation. It’s that 3-word email from your client that reads: “You are Special” it’s standing at a distance, watching how every element of your special day has flawlessly come together, your heart filling up with happy thoughts – a sense of success, pride, respect and promises complete.

If you are planning a magical destination wedding, A nikaah in the UK, Italy, Morocco or mandap ceremony somewhere more exotic; if your special day is all about the culmination of love, not about impressing others; if it is about emotions, about creating memorable experiences, and you love effortless sophistication, then we should talk.